Healthy Food Grocery List Template (Word)

Husbands will know this is often true when they go to the stores without their wives, “get what’s on the list” they are told. But what happens if you forget the list and you are sent to the store in order to purchase the healthy food your family needs? This could be a problem if there are only certain things on the list and the whole family keeps telling you different items as well. But if your healthy eating grocery shopping list was preprinted it would make an easy job of locating the items you want, and checking them off.


We have solved that problem for you with our healthy grocery list template. This template is ready with all the items you might need for your healthy eating habits. And it also comes equipped with convenient boxes next to each item so you can use it as a checklist and cross off each item you need. Or those items can be marked before you take it to the store so you know which items you are going to shop for.

The best part of this grocery list template is that you can modify to fit your personal and your family needs. If there are healthy items not on the list you can add them, or you can also remove others that you never seem to buy in the first place. Change the color and the font as needed and you will always have the right list in hand when you head to the grocery store.


Healthy Grocery List Template,

healthy eating grocery list template in Word

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