Grocery list template (Categorized)

Do you have trouble remembering what to buy when you are at the grocery store? Maybe you even forget what to include on your list when you make one… If so, our grocery list template is just thing that you need.


With this simple to use template, you will be able to create a grocery list that is customized to meet the needs of your family. Simply edit the file using Microsoft Excel® (compatible with 2007 version and newer), print, and head out to the store.

Free to download, this template allows you to work with the grocery items that are already included in the list, to change the amount needed to suit your family. Because the template is categorized, it will even help you cut down on your shopping time, because you will be able to buy everything in order as you come to it at the store.

If you are looking to create a list for grocery shopping, this grocery list template is just what you need, and it will not disappoint. Also visit our category of list templates for other list templates.

Grocery list template,

Grocery list template (excel)


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  1. I work with a small non-profit and we make meals for our staff and our members on the autism spectrum so we can all eat lunch together. This grocery list will help save us a lot of time. I will send a donation later when I get paid to show our appreciation. Thanks.

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