Grocery List (Standard Design)

We’ve all done it. We’ve spent hours roaming the aisles of the grocery store picking up the food we need for the week only to get home and realize we forgot that one important item for dinner. This means you have to hop back into the car and head for round two at the store.


This takes more time and sometimes you won’t be able to head back to the store forcing you to have get creative for dinner. However, by simply using our effective grocery list template, you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting groceries ever again.

Benefits of the Grocery List Template:

1. Compatible with Microsoft Excel® 2007 through 2013

Our grocery list template is completely compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel® beginning with 2007 and going through 2013. No matter what version you happen to own, our template will work for you.

2. All aspects of the template are editable.

Not all templates are one size fits all. That’s why we have made our template completely customizable for your needs. You can change every part of this template so you create a grocery list that fits your needs.

3. Beautifully designed with all grocery categories.

Our grocery list template looks great and is highly organized so you can easily sort all of the types of groceries you need into categories. This will help you while you shop and help you remember everything you need from the store.

4. Available completely free.

You might think that a template with this many features might cost money. However, we have made this template available completely for free so getting yourself organized won’t cost you a dime.

Forgetting groceries is not only inconvenient but can really cause problems if you can’t make it back to the store forcing you to come up with something new for dinner. Using our beautifully designed and organized grocery list template, you can keep your grocery list organized and easy to follow so you never forget a single grocery ever again.


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