Simple Invoice Template (1.1)

When you run a business, there are going to be times where you need the help of an invoice. This simple invoice template can help you take care of that task in a way that is both professional and easy to do.


This template was designed to be used by almost any type of business. It uses simply a description field, instead of listing QTY, Unit Price, etc., so that it can be used for any kind of situation and any type of business.

This invoice template has two themes, allowing you to pick the one that works best for you, and you can change the coloring of the theme by going to Page Layout > Themes.

Basic Invoice Template,



This template was named “simple invoice” because it was created in a very basic format. There are no complicated formulas that need to be used when you are working with this template. This template simply uses three basic formulas: 1st to calculate the subtotal, then to calculate the tax rate, and finally to calculate the total amount.


Two Themes:

This invoice template contains two themes for you to choose from. The first theme contains light colors and designs, as is seen in the preview. The second theme is in a simple, bolder format, and you can get this in the second sheet of this Excel invoice template.

Shipping Charges:

We have added shipping charges to the invoice right after the tax portion of the page, and you can skip this addition by adding a 0 in its space if you don’t need to include it. Remember, these charges will have no concern with the tax rate or subtotal, the value will simply be added to the total of the invoice.


We have added a space for a direct value discount. All you need to do to use this part of the invoice is to enter in the value of the discount if applicable. Remember, though, do not use +, -, * or any other sign or you will risk messing up the correct total.

Special Instructions:

Check the subtotal, tax, and total formulas after you add or remove or move any row of the template to ensure that they are correct. Do not delete the tax rate, shipping charges, or discount rows. If you don’t need the rows, simply place a “0” in the fields.



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