Workshop agenda template

Are you going to be leading a workshop sometime soon? Are you unsure just how to let the attendees keep up with what will be happening at what time? If so, this workshop agenda template can help.

This template – filled with sample agenda information at this point – allows you to map out a workshop. With space to include information for multiple days, this template gives you a professional finish.

This template allows for an overall theme for each day, and lists the day of the week. It then includes space for morning discussions – and the times that each will take place – a break for lunch, and then afternoon discussions. It can be edited to meet your needs, too.

This template creates an agenda that is colorful and easy to read, it is easy to understand and helps attendees know what is going on. This workshop agenda template can help you out the next time you are planning a workshop.

Workshop agenda,

A sample workshop agenda template


  • i was looking for the workshop planning template and i came across many useful templates I did not know existed. thank you

  • The templates are simple to use. They are designed in such a way that they look descent, and they help you to be properly organized.