Wedding To Do List Template – Ideal Planning Checklist

If you are speechless with the idea of scheduling your hook’s day, don’t bother, sit down and relax, and have a look at this 12 month wedding to do list template a to the point planning checklist we have planned for you.


You will finally see that scheduling a hook’s is just simple.

11 – 12 months before the wedding

  • Announce your engagement towards your friends and family members
  • Set the time and date after the wedding
  • Agree on the style of the ceremony by considering the size, formality and setting
  • Contact hook a officiate
  • If your families have not yet met, then arrange a meeting with them
  • Develop a budget and agree who will pay after what
  • Compile your guest list
  • Have a previsit and reserve your reception site

9 – 10 months before the wedding

  • Assign your hook’s gown
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Meet with potential wedding professionals for your reception and ceremony
  • Scout out accommodation for out of town guests

5 – 8 months before the wedding

  • Start shopping for matrimonial ring
  • Agree on honeymoon plans
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Inform your out of town guest the date of your wedding
  • Complete guest list
  • Shop for and taste test your matrimonial cake
  • Choose and reserve attire for men in the wedding
  • Determine the marriage license requirements by contacting the county clerk office
3 – 4 months before the wedding
  • Summarize the menu with your caterer
  • Arrange champagne, liquor, and wine
  • Finalize flowers
  • Mail out information about hotels and city to your out of town guests
  • Order wedding favors and rings
  • Start working on vows

Two months before the wedding

  • Finalize and book honeymoon
  • Mail out invitations
  • Do makeup dry run and complete with your veil or headpiece
  • Book a marriage day beauty appointments
  • Complete name change paperwork for insurance and bank account
  • Summarize music playlist
  • Summarize codify of service and write the matrimonial program
  • Touch base with your caterer, florist, and DJ to confirm date and times. If you don’t have their cell phone number, then start having them.
  • Reserve rehearsal dinner
  • Order the wedding cake

One month before

  • Order rental items required such as tents, lighting, and chairs
  • Buy bridesmaid and groomsmen gift
  • Schedule a final fitting for a wedding gown and bring shoes, lingerie and veil.
  • Purchase guest book, ring pillow, flower girl basket, pen set and unity candle
  • Arrange for transportation needs.
2 – 3 weeks before
  • Get marriage license
  • Contact guests who haven’t sent in RSVP’s
  • Pick up marriage rings
  • Confirm honeymoon hotel, wedding night reservations and airline reservations

One week before

  • Host attendant’s party and gives out gifts
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Make final payments to the vendors

One day before

  • Schedule a massage or take a long walk to reduce stress
  • Greet out of town guests
  • Make some time to each other to have congratulation kiss and exchange gifts.
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
During the actual day
  • Wake up early in the morning and eat good breakfast
  • Visit beauty therapists
  • Arrive at wedding site early
  • Allow enough time for photography
  • Relax, enjoy yourself and smile.

Now you don’t need to worry and strain yourself. Your wedding day will be well organized if you follow this wedding to do list as your planning checklist.


Wedding To Do List Template for Perfect Wedding Planning,


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