Wedding Guest list Template (Word)

What would a wedding be without the proper planning tools? A disaster. There is so much that goes into wedding planning that it would almost be impossible to pull it through without the accurate tools. One important tool is the Wedding Guest List Template.


This Wedding Guest List template was created keeping the best interest of the bride and groom, as well as the guests and families. It was clearly designed with seven columns and approximately 20 or 21 lines that can easily and quickly be filled in with valuable and helpful information such as Name, Relation, Phone, Email, Diet Restrictions, RSVP and Gift Description. Diet restrictions column is imperative when it involves catering services for a large number of guests. The RSVP column allows for a more accurate headcount and budget planning. Finally, after the wedding, the gift description column comes in handy and holds priceless information permitting the couple to send out a more personal mentioning of the gift in the Thank You notes.

Essentially, this Wedding Guest List template can be used from the commencement of the wedding planning to the end of the wedding day. It is a template that was designed in the Microsoft Word 2007 and can easily be saved and downloaded in newer Microsoft Word versions. The template can be customized with the users preferred image or picture. Simply right click on the image to replace with new image to personalize your template. Keep a clean and clear formatted template by using the preferred ‘Brush Script Std’ or ‘Calibri’ font when completing the form. A Wedding Guest List template makes a perfect tool in the one of the biggest event in a couple’s life.


Wedding Guest List Template,

wedding guest list template in Word

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