To do list (With Completion Percentage)

Everyone has a to-do list. However, all the things that you intend to do may not get done. This is because your to-do list is overloaded. The priorities are not in the correct order, and you lose track of where you are on one project when another project jumps out in front.


The To-Do List Template based on the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet can solve many of your problems. The list is simple to you.

Simply list the tasks you want to do. Assign a priority to each one such as high, normal and low or urgent, can wait, someday. It all depends on your point of view.

Next you list the states as either not started or pending, in progress, nearly completed, and completed. After the projects are listed, you can add the start date and the completion date for each project.

It will be up to you to identify how much of the project has been completed, and that will display as a bar graph, so you get a quick comparison as to where one project relates to other projects. This will help to allocate your time and may suggest that you need to re-prioritize the projects.

Finally, there is a place to write in some notes about the job, as to its goal, which you are doing it for, the expected time or whatever information you need to stay on Track.

The top of the page allows a place for your name, the name of the person assigning the tasks and the overall supervisor. Finally, there is a square. This is the type of list that you keep on your computer, so that as information changes, you will have an instant view of it. Certainly, you can print out the task list if needed to show to a supervisor, or if you want to take it and make some handwritten notes that you will later input into the computer.

The To-Do List is not going to do any projects for you. It will help you to organize, prioritize and set reasonable goals for completing the projects that have either been assigned to you or those that you have just undertaken on your own initiative.

It is a great tool. Give it a try. You will be amazed at how your productivity will increase if you have an accurate account of where all your projects stand and how close you are nearing your deadlines.


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