To Do List (Basic)

Do you want to get more done in a day? We all do. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by creating regular to do lists and sticking to them. Where many run into problems is taking the time to create the to-do lists.


You can make this process easier by using this to do list template. Using the to do template can make it easy for you to create your to do lists so you can get more things done.

To Do List Features

Basic formatting for quick editing.

This to do list template has been designed to look great while still providing basic formatting for clean and easy viewing and editing so you can keep track of all your tasks each and every day.

Compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Word®.

While some templates are only compatible with certain versions of Microsoft Word®. However, we have designed the to do list template to be compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word® beginning with 2007 but you are recommended to use latest version of Microsoft Office®.

Easily customize the template for your needs.

We realize that our design choices might not suit your needs exactly. That is why we have made our template easily customizable so you can quickly alter the design to suit your needs.

Available at no cost to you.

We all love to get something for free and it is even better when what is free helps you solve a problem. This to do list template is available to you completely for free. We want to help you get organized.

Using a to-do list will help you get all the tasks done in a day that you want and/or need to get done. They help you be productive so you never leave something undone. Using our to-do list template will allow you to easily create daily to do lists so you can get all your tasks done.


To do list template (Basic format),



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