Terms of Use

You must agree to the terms and conditions provided on Dotxes.com before you can download any software from this website. Declining to agree to the provided terms and conditions simply translates to the incapability to download the software and in turn no access to using the website. Changes can be made at will and it is therefore important that you read the terms and conditions so as to identify any changes that have been made if any. You must in turn accept the changes if you are to continue using Dotxes.com. An end user license agreement terms in relation to a given software download or installation, shall include the following terms.

Linking to Dotxes.com content

With the several web pages on Dotxes.com, you are advised to link to these pages through your website or blog. This is encouraged as long as your own website does not contain any illegal, pornographic or harmful content. This defined, you can only link to a web page with a html extension and not xls, xlsx, ods, doc, docx, pdf or gif.

Using the content

Content on Dotxes.com is owned and copyrighted by the website, its licensors and licensees and is therefore protected by intellectual laws such as copyright and trademark. Content includes information, text, software, files, documents, graphics, photos, videos, music etc.

Copyright law must be upheld and any other websites identified to be breaking this law is issued with DMCA notices on a regular basis.

Visitors can then download content from the website no matter the volume for non-commercial use as long as:

  1. All copyright, trademark and propriety notices are retained.
  2. You do not create any other works from the website content.
  3. The material you choose to use must not be linked to create an association with Dotxes.com products, brands or events.
  4. Content cannot be downloaded for commercial use.

While on the website, you are not allowed to duplicate or alter the content of the website unless you get written permission to do so of which it is next to impossible. These are termed as security bridges and are prohibited.

More specifically, Dotxes.com content should not be displayed on social media or public galleries such as Google Docs. The solution to gaining access to Dotxes.com content is by linking to the suitable web pages or discussing its content. Title of the content is retained by the website.

Reach out and contact Dotxes.com in the event that you have any concerns regarding the use of the website’s content for any kind of use be it commercial or personal (research, educational or non-profit). Violating this rule has both short term and long term consequences with the involvement of the law.


The term “submissions” is used to mean all the material that has been provided by the user e.g ratings, comments etc. that has been provided by you to the website or via email.

Once it is part of the website’s content, it therefore becomes part of Dotxes and that it can be used by the website for its own purposes without seeking permission from the individual that submitted it. The individual should not seek any form of payment in the event that the individual’s contribution is used whether in advertising or for any other commercial business.

In turn, the individual therefore agrees to have their submissions reviewed by Dotxes.com, in which it can be modified, published or not. It’s all up to Dotxes.com.

The individual therefore agrees to upload or transmit through Dotxes.com content. In this, the individual must own or control all rights to their submissions. The content submitted must not violate any of the following rules of conduct.

All postings must not expose confidential or proprietary information. Also, information by non-disclosure agreements that you have agreed upon not to disclose should never be included. In addition, personal information such as security numbers, credit cards etc.

In the event that there are any violations on the terms or rights of another, then you must be aware that attorney fees are raised from you in respect to use of Dotxes.com content from your submissions.

Suggestions and ideas

Comments on Dotxes.com products and services are more than welcome. Now, unless you fully understand the terms of use, it is recommended that you do not provide any creative ideas to the website.

Keep in mind that all submissions are not confidential. Using the information does not guarantee you any form of compensation.

If you wish to protect your ideas, you can contact Dotxes.com in confidence or you can use a non-disclosure agreement in which we can setup an agreement. This is done before submitting files or before you communicate any of your ideas.

Rules of conduct

Your submissions must abide by the following rules. They must not:

  • Contain legal information and must be in line with the code of conduct and ethics.
  • Violate third party members.
  • Be business related in which you are selling products or services.
  • Contain viruses or harmful content.
  • Stray away from the original theme or topic.
  • Be spam, flooded, flamed, trolled, grieved or flamed.
  • Be misleading or a lie.

From the above, you must report any violations to this rules of conduct. Dotxes.com is not liable for other people’s actions.


You are required to provide true information when opening an account with Dotxes.com as the registration information. Impersonation of any sort is unacceptable and illegal. It is also advisable to log in to your account with your own computer as a way of upholding security.

Dotxes.com may decide to terminate your account and generally your ability to keep using the website in the event that you violate the terms of use for the website.

Liability Disclaimer

Dotxes.com is not liable for any damages or injury arising from the use of the website that are caused by:

  • Using or failing to use the site.
  • Using or failing to use another site that you hyperlink from Dotxes.com.
  • A failure in the manner you expected the site to behave.
  • Errors on the website.
  • An omission on the website.
  • An interruption when using the site.
  • A defect on the website.
  • Delays during operation or transmission.
  • Any computer virus.

N/B: Dotxes.com is not liable for any damages including:

  • Damages looking at compensation as a result of injury or loss.
  • Consequential damages.
  • Incidental damages.

Liability does not arise even when the website was negligent. In some states, Dotxes.com may not be allowed to exclude liability for incidental or consequential damages. Persons residing in these states are therefore able to recover from these damages.

Keep in mind that you can only be compensated to the amount you spent to gain access to the website and nothing more.

Linking to World Wide Web sites

Dotxes.com provides links to other WWW sites from its website. This should not be looked at as an endorsement for these sites. They are only a source of information. If you would like to know exactly who is who, then check with your URL address and check to see if you are still on the Dotxes.com-operated site. Third party site content is not accounted for by Dotxes.com. Under no circumstance should any other website indicate endorsement of its content by Dotxes.com.

Agreement termination

The agreement as agreed upon remains effective until either party opts to terminate it. At any time, the individual may opt out by destroying all documentation and materials in respect to Dotxes.com. Dotxes.com may also terminate the agreement at any time and without consulting you due to a breach in any of the agreed terms or conditions in the agreement. While you want to destroy all materials, it is not a guarantee that the material will be availed to you.

Dotxes.com may alter terms and conditions of use governing the created agreement at any time they so wish. This can be done as easy as updating this provided posting and there is no reason to provide you with notice.

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