Temporary Appointment Letter – 11+ For Word and PDF Format

In matters pertaining to work, things are not so predictable. One moment you are appointed and the next, the opposite happens. What happens when you’d like to appoint someone temporarily to hold a certain position in a company. The senior manager writes a temporary appointment letter template to the one it may concern.

Here are some sample letters to help you.

Temporary Employment Appointment Letter

Temporary Employment Appointment Letter 1

Letter for temporary work assignment is a letter that notify the recipient about the task at hand and the time to complete the assignment.

Temporary Worker Appointment Letter

Temporary Worker Appointment Letter for Word

Temporary Staff Appointment

Temporary Staff Appointment 1

Letter for temporary contract is the kind of letter shows that one is to be employed temporarily on a contract basis.

Offer Letter for Temporary Contract

Offer Letter for Temporary Contract 1

Non Faculty Temporary Employee Appointment Letter

Non Faculty Temporary Employee Appointment Letter

Appointment Letter for Temporary Teacher Job

Appointment Letter for Temporary Teacher Job

Temporary Appointment for Designer

Temporary Appointment Letter for Designer

Appointment for Part-Time Temporary Employee

Appointment for Part Time Temporary Employee 1

Temporary Appointment Form in PDF

Temporary Appointment Form in PDF 1

Temporary Worker Appointment PDF

Temporary Worker Appointment PDF 1

Temporary appointment letter is a formal letter that is brief and concise. It only bears information regarding the duration of employment as well as terms and conditions.

Temporary Appointment PDF Format

Temporary Appointment Letter PDF Format 1


How to write a temporary appointment letter

  • It is only as easy as it gets when you follow protocol to the letter. Be formal as you convey the all-important message to the recipient.
  • Mind your language. Be careful not to go overboard, only use official language. This is one way of showing seriousness and commitment.
  • Be brief. Only state the most vital and necessary details in the briefest way you can muster.
  • Put a signature on it. Your original signature is the overall determiner of the outcome. It is what most serious recipients look at and verify to clear any doubts that may arise.

Tips for writing a temporary appointment letter

  • Write and send it two months prior to the appointment date. This is one way of giving ample time to the recipient to make the necessary preparations.
  • Include all the basic information. Don’t dwell too much on irrelevant details and miss the point.
  • End it with an original signature. A formal letter with an original signature is sure to be accorded top priority. You may also like to see sample appointment cancellation letter.


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