Team meeting agenda template

Are you going to be leading a team meeting sometime soon? Are you nervous about how to go about that? Are you afraid that the meeting will get stuck – that one person will take over with their choice of discussion and stop everything else from being discussed? If any or all of the above are true for you, this team meeting agenda template is here to help you out.

With this template, you can create an agenda that will keep your meeting moving along. How? The template includes space for each of the topics that are going to be discussed, and then a time period for discussing them, as well.

This template includes space at the top for bonus information such as who the meeting was called by, who is attending the meeting, who the note taker is, and more. It even includes space to ask the attendees to bring something to the meeting.

If you want to run a smooth meeting where all necessary topics are discussed, this team meeting agenda template can help you do just that.

Team meeting agenda,

Professional team meeting agenda template