Teacher Appointment Letter – 8+ Sample, Example (Word, PDF Format)

Finding the right person for a teaching role at your school is only part of the process of filling a staff vacancy, once you have chosen a successful candidate you need to let them know in such a way as to entice them to accept the offer. Great teachers can be a wonderful asset to a school, but without a quality teacher appointment letter that perfect candidate could slip through your fingers.

Here are some teacher appointment letter samples and templates to help you with your letters.

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment Letter for Primary Teacher

  • A primary teacher appointment letter template is a purpose designed document that provides a handy framework for creating a professional job offer letter.
  • When you are projecting an image of your school to a potential employee using a template can give you a professional edge.
  • A letter template provides a framework, enabling step by step inclusion of the relevant information.
  • Having the format of the letter designed for you can save you time and money whilst still making positive impression on the recipient.
Teacher Appointment Letter for Primary School

Appointment Letter Format for Private School Teacher

  • An appointment letter for private school teacher is a correspondence that informs the candidate that they have successfully secured the position.
  • Conveying all the relevant details is crucial to securing your ideal candidate for the position.
  • Giving a prospective teacher a clear overview and setting up their expectations of the position is a great way to set the tone for professional interactions going forward.
  • A well written and presented appointment letter can help reduce staff turn over by providing position information in an easy to comprehend format.
Appointment Letter Format for Private School Teacher 1

Teaching Job Appointment Letter

Teaching Job Appointment Letter 1

Sample Appointment Letter for School Principal

Sample Appointment Letter for School Principal

Appointment Letter for Lecturer Job

Appointment Letter for Lecturer Job

Offer Letter for Lecturer Job

Offer Letter for Lecturer Job 1

Application for Teacher Job

Application for Teacher Job 1


Tips for Writing a Teacher Appointment Letter

  • Simple Formatting – Don’t over crowd your letter will busy fonts and borders; simple, clean formatting is best for professional interactions.
  • Professional Tone – Avoid flippant, familiar or overly flowery text, keeping the tone business like and easy to read.
  • Getting your message across – Whilst it is important to include relevant position information it is also important to remember that this letter is a precursor to the more in-depth employee information disclosure in an employment contract. An appointment letter should give an overview rather than getting bogged down in the details.
  • Call to Action – Make sure you are giving your successful candidate clear instructions on how to accept this job offer and inform them of any other action that may be required prior to commencing employment. You may also consider checking employee appointment letters or meeting appointment letters.

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