School Meeting Minutes Template

When a meeting takes place – such as a school meeting – it is important to document what takes place at the meeting, the discussions that are held. One easy way to do that is through the help of this school meeting minutes template.


This template includes space for all of the important details in regard to a school meeting that has taken place, such as the names of those who were in attendance, and the date and time of the next scheduled meeting. The template is easy to edit, so you can customize it to fit any needs that you might have. The template will help you create a document that shares just what happened at your meeting.

Minutes Templates for School Meeting,


Tips for using a school meeting minutes template:

  1. Be as detailed as possible when recording any new business that was discussed, so that someone can read the minutes – without having attended the meeting – and understand what is going on.
  2. Include the name of the meeting organizer in the space provided at the top of the page, so that everyone knows just who was in charge.
  3. Print multiple copies of the document and hand them out to those who missed the meeting.
  4. Assign someone before the meeting to take the notes for the minutes.

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