Sample Resume Format for Experienced Teacher

The process for hiring teachers varies among states, counties and cities. Some will have job fairs. Others will want their resume form completed, and some, especially if seeking a mid-year job, may just want to see your resume. This sample resume format for experienced teachers accomplishes two goals. First, it gives the experience of combining the elements of art, recognition of the information an administrator would need to examine when hiring a teacher.

Secondly, resumes can also be given to parents in new schools, so that they will know of the person’s accomplishments and credentials. With spaces for your name and the job title being sought, being highlighted in color, it will capture the attention of others. The routine vital information, such as name and address are grouped together in a single line.

Next there are arrows that point to specific areas such as a profile, which features your strong areas of interest, special skills you might have regarding a new reading system, and other data. There are sections for special achievements, certificates you have received for outstanding or innovative techniques, personal details and place to either list references or note that they will be provided on request. This sample resume template is built on the Microsoft Word® 2007 platform and can be customized higher version of the software. To achieve the same appearance as in the sample, it will be necessary to download and install two fonts; Brush Script MT and Bradley Hand ITC. Both can be found on the Internet.

Armed with your resume on this sample resume format, you will capture the attention of anyone who may interview you. It will also provide you with needed information for filling out other forms or blank applications.


Sample Resume Format for Experienced Teacher,

Free Sample Resume Format for Teacher

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