Sample Meeting Minutes (Light Format)

If a group of people are going to meet regularly about how an issue, decision or funding should be handled, someone needs to take minutes.

The minutes of a meeting can offer key reminders of what was said the previous week, month or year, depending on the issue and the overall view of the group’s members.

Someone can try recording everything that is said, but that gets to be tedious and you sometimes miss the main point.

This Meeting Minutes Template provides a format to make the job and finding the information at a later date much easier than most would expect.

The template begins with a space for a title for the meeting and a place for the date. The template provides space to list the members who are present and those now are absent. Next there is a place for the “Reading of the Agenda, “which usually beings with a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

The meeting minutes format provides a space to record the vote and the motion seeking approval of the minutes. Next, a space is provided for a brief summary of any items that are to be discussed, approved or rejected. The template provides space for listing the name of the person offering the motion, the vote and a short synopsis.

The template is built on the Microsoft Word ® format which allows individual users to make adjustments to the template as needed.


Meeting Minutes Format,

Sample meeting minutes template