Sales Receipt Template (1.1)

When you make a sale of any kind, it is important to give out a receipt in return. With the help of this sales receipt template, anyone can make a professional sales receipt template for their business use.


This template is completely free to download and use, and it is one sheet printer friendly. The template includes space for all of the relevant information that you would like to include on the receipt.

Sales receipt template,

Standard Sales receipt template

Tips for using this sales receipt template:

  • Always include the quantity of each item that was sold in the space provided on the receipt. Include the item number and a description, too.
  • Include the unit price of the item sold and any discount that was given.
  • Customize the receipt so that it fits any needs that you might have.
  • Include a subtotal for the entire purchase that was made.
  • Add in any sales tax that is applicable in the space that is provided.

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