Sales invoice (Standard Format)

When people buy services, supplies or materials they should expect to get a sales invoice that shows what each item cost, the total costs, any taxes that were paid, any credits or discounts or allowed and any substitutions or deletions that were made in the order.


Supermarkets do this with the sales receipt that list each item purchased, shows those that were deleted and provides the tax rate and a total.

However, all purchases do not fall into the supermarket category. Therefore, another type of invoice is needed. The best business invoice allows the item and price to be entered and then the price of the individual items added together, appropriate credits or discounts listed, a subtotal provided, the taxes calculated with the final price appearing at the bottom of the invoice format.

Also, the well-designed sales invoice template can serve as an advertising tool, by providing the address of the company where the purchases are being made along with telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.

Furthermore, the invoice should identify the customer by company name, the individual representative, date, and provide space for a purchase order number if the customer desires and general open space for any special notes that might be needed.

The Microsoft Word® based sample sales invoice template displayed here gives a good example of how an invoice can be created in Microsoft Word®. Not only does the program allow the sales invoice to include all the necessary fields, it can be designed to include the company logo, color scheme and other features.

With this sales invoice template, the customer has a record of what he purchased, the date purchased and the amount that was spent. The business has a copy of the sales invoice that can be saved in a folder by customer name, account number or other identifying method.

Thus if a customer wants last week’s order repeated, it is only necessary to call up the prior invoice change the date and save it as a new file.


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