Salary Slip Format (for Excel and Word)

If either you or someone you know is currently running a business, something that should be kept in mind as a useful and important tool to take advantage of is known as a salary slip format. A salary slip format is a form that can help a business owner keep track of things such as an employee’s overall earnings and deductions. Here are two basic salary slip formats that are generally used. Regardless of which one is selected, the best kind of salary slip format is basic and professional in nature.


The first salary slip format :
The first salary slip format is laid out horizontally, with the necessary information regarding the company in the top left hand corner. This is then followed by the employee’s name, address, identification, and contact. Also stated is the employee’s social security number as well as the method in which they receive their payment for work performed (direct deposit, check, or cash). Following this is a list of earnings, which includes bonuses, overtime pay, and incentive pay. The deductions are rather self-explanatory, as this list shows how much money is withheld due to state and local taxes, as well as and charitable organizations the employee may have wishes certain amounts of money be set aside for. At the bottom of these columns is listed the total net salary that the employee will receive. At the bottom of this slip is the payment information for both check and direct deposit. All in all, this particular format is very basic in nature. In addition, it also calculates the total salary and enables you to completely customize it by using Microsoft Excel® according to your needs.

The second salary slip format :

The second salary slip format is laid out vertically and contains most of the same information. This particular format is also user-friendly and can be completely customized using Microsoft Word®. Once finished, it can be printed out in no time flat. Both of these salary slip formats were created using Microsoft Office® 2007. However, they can both be fully customized in versions of Microsoft Office® that are equal to or higher than the 2007 version.


Salary Slip Format (for Excel),

salary slip format for Excel

Salary Slip Format (for Word),

salary slip format for Word


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