Salary Negotiation Email / Letter: How to Write

A salary negotiation email/letter is written to negotiate for better pay. If you have received a job offer, but you aren’t comfortable with the salary offered, the best way is to write a letter or email to negotiate for an increase in the salary. You will be amazed to discover that most employers will negotiate though most candidates never try to ask for better pay, they reject the offer.


To get a better salary for the new position, you must know how to craft an effective email/letter. You might lack the words and tactics to ask for a better salary. You can easily achieve your desired goal if you rely on a sample/template.

What to include in a salary negotiation email/letter


Start by appreciating the employer for selecting you to be the best among the many interviewees. This is the best way to negotiate for your salary. The employer will be happy to know you are interested in the position.


In the letter/email, you can now state your counteroffer. Base your argument on facts. Before writing the letter/email, embark on research to establish prevailing rates for individuals who have similar qualifications in the industry.

Do not forget to include your experience and what you will offer to the company as you negotiate for the salary. Remember to be professional besides using polite language to ask for better pay.


Conclude the email/letter by thanking the employer once more for the offer and being optimistic that they will accept your counteroffer. Also, reiterate your wish to work for the company.

Salary Negotiation Letter Format












Dear [name of recipient]

I write this letter to appreciate the job offer as [state the position] in [Company name]. This position and your company’s development plan are in line with my career goals and a perfect match for skill s and experience. I desire to offer my contribution to make [company name] a leader in this industry as I advance my career.

But before I formally accept the offer, I would like us to revisit the salary offer. I recognize that the position is highly demanding and I am fully committed to offering my best. However, based on my experience, skills and industry norms, I request you to reconsider the salary offer of [state the amount]. The salary range for such a position in the industry ranges from [state the range]. I was earning [amount] in my previous company, and I will not be comfortable to work for a lower amount considering my experience and skills.

I look forward to a satisfactory offer that will appeal to both parts soon. Once again thank for the offer. I look forward to becoming part of the dedicated team of staff at [company name].

Yours faithfully



Salary Negotiation Email Format

Dear recruiting manager,

I appreciate your offer as [state the [position] at [company name]. This position fits perfectly with my career goals and aspirations. Besides, I will be glad to be part of the company’s growth.

But before accepting the offer, kindly allow me to revisit the compensation package. Based on my experience, skills, and achievements in my past employers I request you reconsider your salary offer of [amount].

The industry annual salary range for the position is between [state the range]. I consider an offer of [amount] to be appropriate considering my experience, skills and what I can do for the company.

Once an again, thank you for the offer. I eagerly wait for a positive response.

Best regards



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