Salary Certificate (word)

In business, there are some important documents that are meant to be confidential because of the information they contain. A salary certificate is one of these documents. It is a document that provides validation for an employee that he or she works with the firm. Included on the document are important pieces of information such as date of employment, net and gross salary, and income tax figures. Salary certificates are sometimes supplied upon request for purchasing insurance, obtaining a loan, and other legal issues.


Although a salary certificate is an important legal document, it need not be difficult or confusing to create. Using a salary certificate template can make the process much easier. A salary certificate template can be used simply, by downloading and filling in the required information, or it can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. Customization can include adding text, images, or colors.

This salary certificate template is in linear format, and it is designed in Microsoft Word®. It is professionally designed for company use. It can be customized so that your company name and address is included on the form, with your business logo. The details of your Human Resources Department can be included on it as well. The form includes two sections. The top section can be used for salary structure details, including salary packages and bonuses given. The bottom section is used for deductions, and can include leaves, timings or other services. You can also include some details about the holder of the certificate. It is compatible with the 2007 through 2013 Microsoft Word® versions. The template is easy to use, and free to download and print.


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