Recommendation Letter for Graduate Student – Sample Letter

When drafting a recommendation letter for graduate student, the quality of the letter reflects the recommendations letter. Recommendations letters should be properly formatted and free from errors. When writing a recommendations letter consider the following:

Recommendation Length, the Format, and the Font used

  1. Gather all the information required to give you more information about the person you are recommending.
  2. Recommendation letter should have more than 2 paragraphs explaining how you know the person and why you are recommending the person.
  3. Format: The letter should be well formatted use the known font that is easy to read. Normally Times New Roman and font size 12.
  4. Edit. Be sure of no errors in the letter. Proof read it thoroughly. When writing a letter of recommendation consider the following. Start with the address of the institution that is writing the letter Then afterwards, write the date, then salutation. Use ‘To whom it may concern’ Under that introduce the person you are recommending. Then on the next paragraph, list how you know the person. After that express confidence on the person you are recommending. Then letter. Sign and write your Full names.

Consider the following sample of a graduate recommendation letter.



BOX 1256-754,

Naifobi Kenya.


To whom it may concern, I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for Mary Onyango. I highly recommend Mary Onyango to work in your organization for any respective job position.

I affirm that Mary Onyango was a B.A Gender and Development Studies Students here in KU and graduated on December, 20xx with a first-class honor. She is humble, decent, obedient and conforms with the set rules and standards.

I strongly endorse making Mary Onyango a member of your team in your organization. Your help is highly considered.


[Full Name]

Things to consider when writing recommendation letter for graduate student.

A paragraph giving detailed information on the nature relationship between you and the recommended and how you know her or him Provide honest evaluation regarding the recommended traits, skills, accomplishments etc person’s Provide a statement or summary explaining why you recommended the person. Final thoughts. Writing recommendations letter is an easy task. It only takes briefing yourself on certain aspects and you are good to go. you may also like to see high school recommendation letters for more samples.

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