Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from Professor

Nowadays many students are desperately trying to be enrolled in their favorite college, university or graduate school however it is tough as there is only so many spots available which means many students will not be selected or even considered for that chance to further their studies and continue on their educational path to get to the career that they want. One way to ensure a slightly better possibility at being selected to study at a prestigious school or institute is for the student to approach one of their professors at their current school and ask if he or she can write a recommendation letter.

If the professor agrees to do so and knows the student well then he or she will most likely write about the student’s qualities such as personality, behavior, work ethic, etc. This will ultimately help the student immensely as the school that he or she is trying to enroll in will be able to see whether or not their abilities or skills will fit or not. Furthermore, the recommendation letter will possibly make the student stand out, perhaps, from other applicants.

Here is an example of a recommendation letter to a graduate school from professor:


[Aaron Paul]

Scientology Professor

Memphis University

1259, Ford Drive

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in hopes that you will consider one of my current students, Mr. [Alex Dunbark], for admission in to your school next year. He is an outstanding student with a great attitude and work ethic that likes to learn about anything and everything. He is not only a role model in the classroom but also in various school sports teams that he is apart of such as the football, soccer and ice hockey team. Furthermore, Mr. Dunbark has excelled in more ways than one with superb academic scores as well as winning the award for “Student Volunteer of the Year” this past month. Last but not least, I know for a fact that Mr. Dunbark will easily transfer his skills and knowledge that he has attained at Memphis University in order to be successful at your school and I look forward to seeing his dream of attending your school be granted. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and know you will make the right decision moving forward regarding Mr. Dunbark’s admission into your institution.

Warm regards,

Aaron Paul

Another form of a recommendation letter for a graduate school is an academic recommendation letter. Although it is similar to a recommendation letter from a professor, it is somewhat different as this letter of recommendation will mainly focus on the student’s grades and academic achievements rather than other qualities.

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