Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from Employer

Graduate school recommendation letters main objective, is to provide the employees with good praise, which they may use to apply for further education. Therefore, you will have to include the information demonstrating why you think your employee will fit the specific program. Express yourself using good and kind words. The employer is believed to be a person who is in good position to talk about his or her employee, especially if they have worked for a period.

Nobody can write for you a good recommendation letter than your employee, whom you have worked for in a couple of years. If you are planning to apply to graduate school, it is good to request your employer to issue you with an outstanding recommendation letter. Using sample recommendation letter for graduate school from employer as a guide can make things clearer, simpler, and easier.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from a Previous Employer

To Whom It May Concern

I am much pleased to write down this letter for Monica Monics. She has great interest of pursuing her Masters of Business Management at Capital University. Monica has worked under my supervision as a marketing officer for a period of 3 years at Focus Retail.

Due to her great knowledge of product placement, Focus Retail increased sales with 57% during her working. She was very enthusiastic about her job and never left any assignment unturned when assigned. During her first interview, she clearly stated that further education was her plan. That is why she is actually aiming now.

Referring to her exceptional ability and concepts in the marketing field, I strongly believe that she will prove to be the best student. I recommend her for the business management program in your university.

If you require further information about Monica suitability, kindly feel free to contact me.

Sincere regards,


(Morris Mark)

Marketing director

Focus Retail

Old Street

LA, TX 2435


Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from Current employer

To Whom It May Concern

I am much delighted to write this letter recommending John James at your university. He is an employer of Trade Consumers as a marketing officer. He is well equipped with knowledge of consumer satisfaction skills. He is an important asset of the company.

This is the 4year he is working under my supervision. He has contributed a lot in the increase of sales since he joined Trade consumers. He is much willing to further his education bringing down the vital aspect of this letter.

I believe he will be among the best students in your institution. He is self-driven and goal oriented person. There is no single assignment assigned to him that has never been done. I strongly recommend him for the program.

If you need any information concerning John, kindly contact me.

Yours sincerely,


(Davis Dan)

Marketing Chief Officer

Trade Consumers

When you are an employer, you are the best person to judge how your employee is good for a scholarship program. Therefore, the employer referring to the employee writes this letter. One of the major requirements for application of scholarship is a recommendation letter from your employer. This means if the employer is currently employed or was employed in the past, must present a recommendation letter.

Generally, recommendation letter for scholarship program is similar to one that is given out to the employee as he or she is leaving the company.Maybe the slightest difference is you can realize is the content of the letter and some specific information. You should be able to request your employer quite earlier to write you the letter. Allow him or her to have sufficient time to write you a good one. Provide all the information you need to be written in the letter such as the university to join. You should also keep well the letter as part of your records.

Recommendation letter from employer for scholarship

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from Employer for scholarship

Employer referring to his employee who is willing to go for further studies writes this letter. Employer is the person who can give accurate information of his or her employee. The recommendation letter must state that the company has no objection to the employee to further studies. The content of the letter demonstrates that it will be of great help to the employee in his or her line of working. The employee highly recommends the employer. The letter should contain good and kind words to convince the recipient.

Recommendation letter for further study from employer

Recommendation letter for further study from employer

How to ask for a reference letter from employer

When you are planning to request for the reference letter from the employee, it is good to do it in writing. Use good and kind words to convince the employee as to why you need that letter. You should be sincere enough when requesting the letter. Remember that it is your boss and you would not want a situation where by it will affect your letter or your job.

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