Query Letter Template – 7+ Formats, Samples & Examples

The sole purpose of a query letter when you have missed an elongated period of work is to explain to your employer the event that caused your absenteeism and to let them know why the time off was needed. The key to a letter about being absent from work is to be appreciative but also firm on your need for the time off. Proper wording of these two key elements is essential. To ensure that your letter is professionally worded and that it hits all of the key points, consider using a query letter template for work absenteeism.


How to Write a Query Letter If You Are Absent from Work

A query letter template should be short and concise and should help your employer understand the cause of your absence. You should make the letter personable and professional. Tell them the key main cause of your absence and how the time off helped your situation.

By using a template when you are absent from work you can be sure that you address all of these essential aspects of the letter, and that you do so in a clear and concise manner. Below are several sample query letters for absenteeism templates that you may want to consider using. These sample query letters will help you show your employer your appreciation for the time off and also express the dire need for the elongated period away from the office.

Query Letter Template

Query Letter Template

Job Query Letter

Job Query Letter

Employee Query Letter

Employee Query Letter 1

Query Response Letter

Query Response Letter 1


Quintessential Query Letter

Quintessential Query Letter 1

Official Query Letter

Official Query Letter

Screen Writer Query Letter

Screen Writer Query Letter 1

Magazine Query Letter

Magazine Query Letter 1

Business and Email Query Letter

Business and Email Query Letter 1

Query Reply Letter

Query Reply Letter 1

Sample Query Letter

Sample Query Letter 1

Sample Query Letter in PDF

Sample Query Letter in PDF 1

Query Letter PDF Format

Query Letter PDF Format 1

Query Letter Example

Query Letter Example 1

Query Letter Example in PDF

Query Letter Example in PDF 1

Sample Queries and Replies

Sample Queries and Replies 1

Query Letters and Responses

Query Letters and Responses 1

How To Answer A Query Letter (Complete Guide)

How To Answer A Query Letter (Complete Guide) 1


Keywords or Phrases That Should Be Included in A Letter for Needing Time Off Work

  • Please consider my situation in regard to events “A” and “B”
  • These events lead to this health issue or emergency
  • My past records show that I have never taken extended time off of work
  • Your time and consideration is much appreciated

Points to Include in a Query Letter

  • Make sure to specifically address recipient of the letter by name and title
  • Introduce the nature of your absence in the query letter work leave
  • Summarize the situation in less than 300 words.

Using a template can help to ensure that you include all of these key phrases and points when you write a letter to your employer about being absent from work for an extended period of time.



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