Purchase Order Format (1.0)

A purchase order format should be taken quite seriously. Basically, a purchase order is a contract between the purchaser and the seller for goods and services. Large corporations to a one person small business might use a purchase order to complete a business transaction. Of course, a professionally designed purchase order will lend credibility to the company. Therefore, a professionally designed purchase order format should speed up the transaction because it contains all the vital information required to complete the deal.


Proper Purchase Order Format

This professionally designed purchase order format includes a section for the company name, the company address, the company telephone number, the company fax number. There is a section titled purchase order that includes fields for the date and P.O. number. The vendor field includes a section for the vendor name, address, telephone. The ship to section includes fields for attention to, company name, address, and telephone number.

Other important sections include requisitions, ship to, f.o.b, and shipping terms. Below that section is another section to include item ordered, description, quantity, unit price, and total. A comment and special instructions field follows. To the right of the form is a section for subtotals, tax rate, tax, shipping and handling, other, final totals. The bottom section on the purchase order format includes a date field, authorization name field, phone, email, fax fields.


Purchase Order Format,


Tips to make your business better:

  • Fill out the purchase order template very carefully and completely.
  • Fill out the total services or goods agreed upon.
  • Make sure that the purchase price is clearly detailed.
  • Describe payment terms in detail. Paid in a lump sum or installments.
  • Specify shipping terms or how the product or services are delivered.
  • Add terms concerning any type of cancellation fees.

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