PTC Meeting agenda

Communications between parents and educators are imperative for a child to reach his full potential in school. However, some students require more parental involvement than others. The (Parent-Teacher Conference) PTC Template is a good first start.

The template allows schools to set a simple agenda that will be easy for parents to follow. It devotes more of the time to talking about the expectations and the needs of the students. The template provides an estimate regarding the length of the meeting. This allows the parent to make necessary schedule changes.

With this PTC meeting agenda template, a school could schedule such meetings throughout the year. The template design can be used for large meetings, for specific grades, classes, subjects and groups, and for meetings involving special cases.

Naturally, all meetings do not have to take the entire day, but the template’s design can act as a guide for the all-day meeting or for a shorter meeting where several teachers, and when the administration needs to confer with a particular group of parents.

The PTC meeting agenda template is created by using Microsoft Word® platform and, therefore, could be also be used as a means of storing information about such meetings and have it readily accessible from the appropriate computer.

Students who show exceptional potential, others that are having difficulties and those that fall somewhere in between, all need extra attention. The template provides a format that allows for addressing large or small groups.


PTC Meeting agenda template,


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