PTA meeting agenda

If you are in the stages of planning a PTA meeting, you may realize that you need a little help to get things straightened out and to create an agenda that will keep things on track and moving along at a good pace. This PTA meeting agenda template can be just the help that you need.

This template allows you to list the school name up at the top, followed by the agenda, the date, and the time. It then has space for each of the sections of the meeting – including the welcome, old business, new business, and more. It also allows space for the amount of time each discussion should take and who will be leading that part of the meeting.

Because this template includes talking points, and a suggested time limit for each, it will keep the meeting moving along smoothly, and everyone will know what to expect. This PTA meeting agenda template will help your next PTA meeting turn out just right.

PTA Meeting agenda template,

PTA meeting agenda with a simple form

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