PTA Sample Meeting agenda (Table Form)

If you’ve ever been a part of a PTA meeting, you know that things can get a little out of hand. Talks during the meeting can drag on for longer than expected, and not every topic that was supposed to come up gets discussed. If you are looking to have a meeting that goes smoothly, where everything is covered, this PTA sample meeting agenda template is here to help.

This template includes space for all of the school board members to be listed by name, and it also includes space for the time and date of the meeting – and the name of the person who called for the meeting.

The PTA sample meeting agenda template then allows you to set aside specific time periods to discuss specific talking points and issues. This means that you can carefully control just how long the entire meeting takes from start to finish. There is also space to list just who is going to be covering each topic.

This free PTA meeting agenda template makes it simple to host an organized meeting.

PTA Sample Meeting agenda template,

Professional PTA Sample Meeting agenda template

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