Project Task List Template – 12+ To-Do Lists for Word, Excel, PDF

Things always move quickly when a project of any size kicks off, and you’ll welcome the opportunity to save time by having a prepared task list laid out for you. With a professionally designed project task list template as a starting point, you’ll no longer be faced with a blank screen and a limited amount of time to remember what needs to be set up.


All the project preparation, identifying tasks and resources and allocating them will become a straightforward routine that’s clearly laid out for every new project.

Here are some project task list templates to help you.

Project To-Do List in PDF

Project to Do List in PDF 1

Project Plan To-Do List in Word Doc

Project Plan To Do List in Word Doc

Project Task List Template in Excel

  • Cut down on setup and configuration time – Include setup tasks, formulas and functions in your project task list, every time you create one in Excel. Save configuration time and achieve consistency for every Excel project plan by including the same automation from the same sources, and save them in the format all parties are familiar with.
  • Keep your Excel data secure and restricted to its intended audience – With permissions and access lists on your to do list, you can be sure of releasing confidential or valuable project data only among those whose roles permit them to read and edit it.
  • Maintain clear versions of automation and dashboards – Managers love their automated Excel project visualizations and project outlines, but they can become a sprawling mess in an organization. Keep track easily of which version each project is based on with clear version indicators and function lists in your original task list.
  • Get on with driving the project forward – No-one likes the task of unpicking the Excel documents from a previous project when assuming responsibility for it. Keep yours organized and user-friendly from day one with a clean, structured and organized list of project tasks.


Project Task List in Excel

Business Project To-Do List

Business Project to Do List 1

Project Task List Example

Project Task List Example 1

Project Task List Template

Project Task List Template

Project Management Task List

Project Management Task List 1

Project Management Planning (Task List)

  • Maintain consistency – It’s a place to keep a checklist of procedures and conventions to achieve consistency across your business projects over time. That extra professionalism and organization will pay off in time savings later when projects are revisited, audited, or just managed temporarily by somebody else, perhaps as vacation cover.
  • Get your project off to a flying start – Set out your first steps clearly, in a businesslike format, and you’ll soon establish a regular routine of referring to and updating the plan. Avoid uncertainty about how to organize or present your tasks, which will get in the way of actually completing them.
  • Adapt to any project size and scope – Your to-do list can be as flexible and imaginative as you and your project team. Create and save variants for projects of different timescales, resource spreads and levels of complexity, and have one ready to go, saving time when it’s needed most.
  • A valuable training aid – Set a good example to rookie and junior project managers, and impress colleagues and clients by showing you are ahead of the game when it comes to organizing and managing every project you undertake. It’s likely everyone will want to take away their own copy of the project to-do list.
Project Management Planning (Task List) 1

Housing Project To-Do List

Housing Project To Do List 1

Project Task Sheet

Project Task Sheet 1

Construction Project Task List

Construction Project Task List 1

Multi Project Tracking List

Multi Project Tracking–List

Project Planning Guide

Project Planning Guide 1



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