Product price list template

As a shop keeper, it’s my duty to upgrade and modify the way the processes being done every day. As a new start, I added this idea, of using “The Product Price List Template”. The key features are as follows. It helps maintain a level of organization as a shop keeper. It lists out the exact Retail Price and Bulk Price of each item; hence it’s an easy viewing format for interested customers. It contains a description of each item alongside its name so it benefits both the shopkeeper and customer keep a track of the features of each item. Being designed in Microsoft Excel® and saved in the compatible format for Microsoft Excel® 2007-13, it is easily accessible to anyone with Office installed. Using the built in filters, the User can filter and sort out any product by its ID, Name,

Description, Retail price and Bulk price etc, thus maximizing its usability. It can be customized with different fonts of variable sizes to include Headers. It’s easily printable and then can be put up at the shop keeper’s desk or as a board, or made into a pamphlet to distribute to customers.

It is also made available to be downloaded to the customer from the retailer’s website in order to take purchase orders online. The shopkeeper may put in additional columns for including additional information such as amount of remaining stock etc, to help keep his products organized.

Product price list,

Product-price-list-template (Word)