Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy covers all the information that applies to this site and services that are offered by Dotxes.

How Information is Collected

We collect information from our users who subscribe to our newsletters and comments using their email address. Our site will never ask for banking information or personal information.

Where The Information is Used

We will only use the email address in order to send out updates that are made to the site, new trends, or news. Any time comments or questions are asked, we will send out feedback via the e-mail address on file. The users can stop receiving emails from our site by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail and following the steps necessary.

The Web Browser Cookies Used

Cookies are used any time users rate our templates used or add links to their favorites.

How Your Information is Protected

All of the e-mail addresses received on our site is stored in a secure database that is also attached to a web update software program. The software used is protected by a password so that no one else can access the information except for the site admin.

How Your Personal Information Stays Safe

Third parties will never have access to our database or any user information that is stored. We do not trade information or use it for any promotions or advertisements.

Third Party Advertisements

Any third party advertisements posted by us will be relative to the site content we currently have. The third party sites will have their own privacy policy that it follows. All privacy policies should be read when visiting third party sites.

Advertisements by Google Adsense

Dotxes may have some advertisement that is served by Google adsense whom has their own Dart cookies that they use to display the more targeted ads. When visiting Google, you are read more about their Google ad and content network privacy policy to learn more. That link is

Accepting the Terms of Our Privacy Policy

Dotxes can make change to the privacy policy at any time. The site will mention when the updates or changes have been made to the privacy policy. The changes will be highlighted. The privacy policy should be looked at frequently for any updates. It is the responsibility of the user to check the privacy policy and any updates.

When using Dotxes, you are agreeing with the privacy policy that is currently in place. The use of the site is going to be the approval of the privacy policy by the user.

Contacting Us for Information

Dotxes should be contacted if there are any questions or assistance needed regarding the privacy policy or site.

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