4+ Preschool Calendar Templates

Getting organized for a new preschool year can be a challenge! The preschool teacher has many children with different needs and abilities to consider. Resources like Pinterest can be helpful for coming up with activities and ideas. Putting all of the crafts and learning projects together in a plan is essential for a meaningful year, and that’s where the Preschool Calendar Template can help streamline the planning process.

Preschool Weekly Calendar Template

The Preschool Weekly Calendar Template gives you a way of organizing each week’s activities into a simple, easy-to-organize format. Preschoolers thrive on routine, of course. Using the Preschool Weekly Calendar Template lets the teacher easily schedule weekly activities to create a routine that’s easy for preschool children to follow.

Preschool Weekly Calendar Template 1

Our Monthly Preschool Calendar Template is the next step in planning a meaningful experience for preschoolers. It lets the busy teacher clearly and easily plan how to address each month’s learning themes across a full month of activities. Using the Monthly Preschool Calendar Template makes planning a breeze, and a preschool teacher can easily organize a full range of activities to meet the educational, physical, and social needs of the children in the preschool.

Monthly Preschool Calendar Template

Monthly Preschool Calendar Template 1

The Preschool Yearly Calendar Template offers preschool teachers a bird’s-eye view of the entire school year at once. This format makes it easy to keep track of major learning objectives that are met during the course of the school year. At a single glance of the Preschool Yearly Calendar template, a teacher can get the big picture of the school year, keep track of major events in the year, and plan ahead for needed supplies or activities much more quickly.

Preschool Yearly Calendar Template

Preschool Yearly Calendar Template 1

Preschool Event Calendar Template

Preschool Event Calendar Template 1

Tips for Circle time at Preschool

Build a simple routine and stick to it – While adults get easily bored, preschool-age children thrive on routine. Create a circle time routine that follows a simple, short pattern and stick with it. This helps children to know what to expect (along with what is expected of them, behavior-wise).

Keep circle time short – Let’s be real – sitting still is a hard skill for most preschoolers. Many are in a group learning environment for the first time. It’s better to start short (even 5 minutes!) and build on it rather than creating a preschool circle time that’s too long and loses their attention.

Get them moving – Do you have preschoolers who can’t seem to sit still at all? Don’t fight the wiggles – embrace them! Use simple songs with a variety of movements, starting with large body and ending with more fine motor skills. The preschoolers will love the movement, and you might be surprised at how it improves their abilities to pay attention during the rest of circle time.

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