Petty Cash Receipt

Utilizing a petty cash receipt template is a smart move when you are involved in transactions that don’t involve a middle institution. Keeping track of records and payments from garage sales or small miscellaneous transactions will allow you to stay organized. Receipt templates are also a must when you run a small business; making you appears more professional and adept.


Features of this template:

The ability to customize stands to be one of the prime unparalleled features of this template. With easy to understand navigation you can create a professional looking receipt that showcases you and what your small business is about. Insert an image that appeals to your business and can be easily recognized by your customers. Equipped with the capability to rearrange your receipt in a manner that best reflects your business personality; this receipt template is excels at helping you create receipts to your likeness.

Creating a personalized receipt would be pointless if it were too difficult to print and put together. Lucky for you this template is ideal for home printers allowing for multiple receipts to be printed on one page. Though you might be thinking that multiple receipts on one page will render you with a bunch of mini receipts and that’s where you’d be mistaken. You get 3 full size receipts per page and a follow line under each to allow for easy cutting. You’ll be doing more than just calling your business a professional business, but you’ll also be looking like one.

Petty cash receipt,

Petty cash receipt template (Professional and printable)

Tips to a Better Business:

  • Create professional looking receipts that your customers will respect
  • Provide receipts for every cash transaction
  • Be sure to make a copy for your customers and one for yourself
  • Stay stocked, print more than what you need
  • Fill in all information
  • Keep receipts together in a place that is secure
  • Most importantly, stay organized


In these times of entrepreneurship, petty cash receipts are a must. Don’t waste time searching for a template that’s right for you; create your own using this totally free and completely customizable receipt template. Bring your business up to a level you can be proud of.


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  1. I like that you can modify wording and such but would’ve like to have the numbering automatically update if it’s even possible. Overall, this does help me. I look forward using for future needs. Thank you.

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