Personal Letterhead Template (Sky Blue Design)

I waited patiently in the waiting room for my turn at an interview for a job. Because of my previous experience I knew I was going to nail it, and I had a great letter of reference to back up my skills and experience. As I nervously sat through the interview answering questions I knew it was only a matter of time. Sure enough I got the job, and they commented on the great letter of reference I had that was printed on a stand out letterhead.

If you want your letterhead to stand out just as well, whether it happens to be as a letter of reference, an invoice, inner office communication, newsletter or anything else then you need to have a great letterhead template.

Our letterhead template is shown with a yellow wave which is in vibrant color and is sure to draw attention to the reader. It is simple to use, and only take a few seconds to download. Once that is done simply make the changes with your information on it, and print. You can even change the color and the font if you want to. Save your changes and print several so you always have them on hand when you send your next letter.


Personal Letterhead Template,

Personal Letterhead Template (Sky Blue Design)

Our Letterhead Template is great for:

  • Personalized letters of reference for those excellent employees who for some reason need to move on.
  • Invoices that will make a statement and be hard for the customer to ignore.
  • Inner office memos that will grab the employees’ attention and be sure to be read.
  • Newsletter or advertisement for your business to hand out to customers and post.
  •  Making a statement and standing out above the rest.

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