Personal Injury Demand Letter

After being involved in whatever type of accident, you need to write a personal injury demand letter hoping for compensation. But if writing this letter is something you may not have an idea of what to do, worry not. In this post, you’ll be taken through a guide on how to write the personal injury demand letter, which will be vital during your negotiation process. It’s in this letter that you’ll state your case to the other party or their insurance adjuster why you deserve compensation.


Without further ado, let’s dive ahead and take a look at how to write a personal injury demand letter.

What’s A Personal Injury Demand Letter?

The personal injury demand letter is an official document that informs an entity you’re asking for damages due to an injury you suffered after an accident. This compensation will cater to the injuries sustained following the accident, and it serves as the start of a possible negotiation settlement.

But for the settlement to be reached quickly, the personal injury demand letter needs to present your damages and be well-constructed. Otherwise, this letter will only have a counterproductive effect on your case. Therefore, you should take your time writing this letter to ensure it’s well-constructed and factual.

What Should You Include In A Personal Injury Demand Letter?

There are a couple of important details you must include in this letter such as;

  • Particulars of the facts around the accident
  • Advisement on the reason the other party is responsible for the accident
  • Details regarding the injuries suffered
  • The settlement amounts you’re demanding and usually includes lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses
  • The supporting documents for your claim, usually hospital invoices, medical details on your injuries, out-of-pocket expenses, policy records, and witness reports
  • A declaration stating this letter is meant for settlement purposes

How Do You Write A Personal Injury Demand Letter?

When writing the personal injury demand letter, there are several guidelines you must observe, including;

  • Never admitting wrongdoing when writing the statements.
  • Explain in detail the reason you’re confident it’s the third party who’s responsible for your injuries.
  • Clearly showing you’re the plaintiff when dealing with numerous accused parties.
  • State all the circumstances and facts surrounding your accident. As you do this, report this information chronologically while being as exhaustive as possible. This includes mentioning trivial details such as how you attempted to avoid the accident, what you were doing, and where you were headed.
  • Describe the extent of your injuries, from the symptoms you experienced and the severity of your condition up to the point you recovered fully. When doing this, it’s best to use medical terms, reference medical information, and details of the clinic or hospitals you went to treat your injuries.
  • Always have the evidence as well as the needed documentation plus relevant copies. This includes details of your medical expenses in a bullet form mentioning everything from your transportation using the ambulance, diagnosis costs, medication expenses, and other medical expenses.

Format of The Personal Injury Demand Letter

[Your Name]

[Your Street Address]

[City, State, Zip]

Month Day, Year

[Insurance Company Name]

[Insurance Company Street Address]

[City, State, Zip]

Dear Insurance Company Representative:

On [DATE], I got involved in a slip and fall accident at [NAME OF STORE] located at [ADDRESS]. The accident happened at [TIME] while I was shopping in the store. While I was turning around one corner, I stumbled and fell on a set of plates that were next to the aisle. Attached below is a copy of the incident and pictures taken after the incident as well as statements from three eyewitnesses.

By not keeping your aisles clear, your store created a risky situation on one of your premises. According to the [STATE] law, it’s the property owner’s legal liability for neglectfully allowing their premises to have such a risky condition.

Due to my slip and fall accident, I got a nasty injury and had to be rushed to [HOSPITAL/CARE FACILITY]. While at the hospital, I underwent a series of diagnostic tests, and surgery followed. I yet to fully recover, so I haven’t gone back to work while continually experiencing physical and residual pain caused by my limitations.

Here’s a rundown of my financial losses due to the accident:

  • Property damages: $_____________
  • Medical bills/treatment: $_____________
  • Lost wages: $_____________
  • Pain and suffering: $_____________
  • Out of pocket costs: $_____________
  • Other losses: $_____________

These losses summed up to $_____________. After going through this claim carefully, I believe the amount to be a reasonable and fair settlement.

I’m hoping to hear as soon as possible to discuss this issue.


[Your Name]

Personal Injury Demand Letter Template


Writing the personal injury demand letter is essential to get the needed compensation for injuries you sustained for an accident due to the negligence of another party. This comprehensive post highlighted what this letter is and enlightened you on writing one to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.