Password List Template (Excel)

There are some individuals who have many different passwords for many different accounts, whether they are for email or social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to keep track of these things, which can result in these accounts potentially being locked out and inaccessible. If you are finding yourself in this kind of a position, rest assured that there is a way to keep track of all of this information in order to keep it from happening to you.


BY utilizing a special Microsoft Excel® template, you will be able to have your login IDs and passwords available with one simple click of a mouse. This specific template will be the most basic thing you will need, especially in terms of running a business. This password list template contains three different sheets: one for website accounts, one for email accounts, and one for accounts involving money making, such as online banking. Created using Microsoft Excel® 2007, it is extremely easy to use and keep maintained. In addition, the template can also be customized in updated versions of the Microsoft Excel® software.

Password log template is an essential tool for your business in terms of keeping track of passwords for important accounts. With the ability to fully customize it however you wish, rest assured that you will be able to keep it updated as often as you need to in order to successfully keep your business running.


Password List Template,

Password list template


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