Partnership memorandum of understanding

When two businesses or individuals unite for a common purpose, it is important that the partners have their goals and purpose in writing. This keeps everything organized and stops disagreements from taking place. A partnership memorandum of understanding template makes it easy for you to come up with an agreement for two parties as they become partners.


This template allows you to create a partnership memorandum of understanding that clearly defines what the partnership is all about. It includes space for descriptions of meetings and communications, and so much more.

Memorandum of Understanding Template,

Partnership memorandum of understanding (Table Format)

Tips for using a Partnership memorandum of understanding template:

  • Before you unite with anyone and become their partner in any way, be sure that the two of you know each other fairly well.
  • Before you unite, be certain that the two of you have similar values and goals, and that you are working for the same purpose.
  • Always include as much information in the document as you possibly can, to keep everyone from getting confused.
  • Clearly lists all the roles and responsibilities in the document to keep everyone on the same page.

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