Organization Meeting Minutes (short form)

When your organization puts on a meeting, it is important for someone to track the meeting through the use of notes. This short form, organization meeting minutes template will help that job get done in a manner that is professional and easy to understand.


This template includes space for the name of the organization or committee, the time and date that the meeting is taking place, as well as the location of the meeting. The template allows you to track all that takes place at the meeting, saving that information for when you need it.

Short Form for Organization Meeting Minutes,

Organization Meeting Minutes in short form

Tips for using a short form, organization meeting minutes template:

  • Include the names of those present, so that you remember that detail in the future.
  • Print multiple copies of the minutes and give them out to those who attended and to those who didn’t make it to the meeting.
  • Always fill in as much information as you possibly can.
  • Designate the note taker beforehand, so that it doesn’t become stressful when it is time for the meeting to take place.

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