64+ Resume Objective Examples for Nurses

As a nurse or nursing student, it’s extremely important to have a very attractive and perfect objective of resume according to your medical field you desire working in. Some common objectives may include getting clinical, specialized, or certified nursing experience; or maybe you’re a nursing student and want to gain experience, there’s objectives for that as well.

For instance, your objective to be a nurse at a children’s hospital is specifically working in the pediatrics healthcare facility. Working as a nurse in this type of hospital classifies your interest in children’s healthcare. Children’s healthcare is in demand worldwide, so being specific of the type of hospital you would like to work for is important to your belief and values regardless of where you’re working at worldwide.

Another example of having your resume objective on your resume is if you have an interest in a certain medical sector. In fact, if you’re a nurse and you have a deep belief in religious values, you could work for a church school which may need a nurse for their primary aged students. Some nurses may want to work for a church or religious-related healthcare facility and with that in mind, adding it to your objective may help get your “foot in the door.” Again, this is a specific area you’re telling the prospective employer you’re interested in becoming a nurse for the religious community healthcare facilities which can use someone with your nursing education as well as your belief in a certain religion.

Here are 68 attractive resume objective examples for nurses that will help you land a job interview or job!

16 resume objective examples for nurses with experience

  1. Certified registered nurse seeking long term employment with a community health care facility.
  2. Nurse practitioner seeking long term position with a pediatrics hospital.
  3. Veteran Registered Nurse is seeking nursing position with a military veteran’s hospital.
  4. Seeking a position in pediatric nursing where I can hone my skills caring for critically ill children.
  5. Seeking an opportunity as a Pediatric Nurse for a children’s hospital.
  6. Seeking a senior nursing position where I can draw on my experience to guide new hires and help them strengthen their teamwork and clinical skills.”
  7. In search of an employer that will utilize my experience as a certified Registered Nurse in order to develop my skills as well as contribute my medical knowledge and experience as a nurse for the past 20 years.
  8. Experienced Nurse with more than 10 years of medical experience seeking an established medical hospital to work for and to develop and further my experience in the nursing field.
  9. Registered nurse in search for a full-time position with a medical facility.
  10. Skilled and highly trained healthcare professional with proven experience providing quality,
  11. Highly trained and experience-based patient care charge nurse seeking position with a trauma facility or healthcare hospital.
  12. Seeking a position which will benefit the medical community and those in need of medical attention; I have the ability and the qualifications to be a Registered Nurse for a medical facility.
  13. Registered nurse in need of nursing position that will utilize proven experience with those that have life-threatening illnesses including heart and respiratory failure, overdoses, trauma, and infectious diseases.
  14. Professional Nurse Practitioner or Nurse with more than 5 years experience seeking a long term position with an established medical facility that will utilize proven experience and education in order to further my career in the medical field.
  15. Clinical Nurse with many years of experience in search of a long-term health care career with a Rehabilitation facility or medical facility which treats recovering patients of medical surgeries and needing physical therapy medical treatment.
  16. Seeking to be hired as a professional Nurse Practitioner for a medical facility with the ability to gain more experience and practice in the medical field.

17 resume objective examples for nurses without experience.

  1. Nursing RN recent graduate but with more than 5 years of professional nursing experience seeking a position in a hospital and perform excellent medical emergency or situation medical assistance which will require skills to perform while under pressure. Excellent interpersonal skills and dedicated nurse with a BS in Nursing.
  2. Registered nurse and recent graduate of nursing school seeking a full time position at a children’s hospital to gain professional nursing experience in order to further advance in the medical profession.
  3. Nursing graduate has a desire to work in a hospital upon graduation and gain valuable experience and knowledge working in the medical profession.
  4. Licensed nurse seeking to volunteer to gain valuable experience in a medical facility part time.
  5. Licensed Registered Nurse Practitioner seeking a volunteer position part time to gain professional nursing experience under physicians, surgeons, or medical doctors.
  6. Recent nurse graduate whom is seeking a professional full-time position as a nurse for the pediatrics field in a well-established medical facility.
  7. Nurse practitioner seeking a position with a veteran’s hospital to gain valuable experience and working knowledge in the medical industry and to further advance in my career as a Nurse practitioner.
  8. Professional nurse seeking a position in a veteran’s clinic with the ability to learn and explore new medical experiences and caring techniques with the VA facility.
  9. Graduate Nurse seeking RN Residency or entry-level RN position focused on providing exceptional patient care
  10. Residency-ready Registered Nurse; Providing exceptional patient care utilizing proven management skills.
  11. Certified Nursing Assistant providing an exceptional patient care seeks to gain valuable nursing experience with a medical hospital.
  12. Certified Nursing Assistant seeking a position full-time with a local military veteran’s hospital.
  13. Certified Nursing Assistant provides valuable medical assistance to Registered Nurse, Doctors, Physicians, or Surgeons and seeking to gain professional experience with RNs, Drs., Physicians and Surgeons.
  14. Fresh registered nurse (RN) with experience in mental health units and facilities; developed well-built psychiatric-assessments for treatments. Great planning skills through current internships in various medical facilities with the understanding of psychotropic medicine, supervision and training.
  15. Enthusiastic registered nurse seeking to gain more knowledge, experience and practices of medical treatments for trauma and psychiatric patients.
  16. Compassionate ICU Registered Nurse with more than 5 years experience in large hospital environments as a volunteer seeking a service oriented professional nurse handling emergency and traumatic situations while at the same time managing clinical staff.
  17. Seeking a Registered Nurse position at a medical hospital in order to gain valuable experience and more professional work experience that will bring me best practices in the medical field.


17 objective examples for entry-level nursing resume

  1. Reliable healthcare provider with the ability to have a calm and soothing intervention during crises. Facilitates professional medical assistance in the time of need and collaborates with multi-disciplinary team members and with the ability to build positive relationships with physicians and other medical professionals.
  2. Entry-level nurse seeks full-time position with a medical facility.
  3. Entry-level certified nurse practitioner seeking a part-time position with a medical hospital.
  4. Interested in working as an entry-level registered nurse with a children’s medical hospital in order to gain valuable nursing skills while handling complex issues and responsibilities in patient trauma care.
  5. The desire to work in a medical hospital as an entry-level registered nurse.
  6. Entry level nurse seeking to gain valuable work experience with a doctor’s practice and fulfill daily patient care.
  7. Certified entry-level nurse whom is reliable and ethical seeks professional nursing position with a doctor’s office or medical hospital.
  8. Medical entry-level nurse seeks full-time position with a military veteran’s clinic that will utilize proven knowledge and residency experience.
  9. Entry level nurse seeks position in hospital in order to possess professional nursing experience and practice to further advance in her/his medical career.
  10. Career minded entry-level nurse with internship experience seeking to work for a children’s hospital in order to further advance in a career in pediatrics.
  11. Entry level nurse seeking to work for a practitioner Physician.
  12. Entry level nurse seeks position with a Veteran’s Hospital in order to gain medical practice and knowledge while also gaining valuable experience in the medical profession.
  13. Entry level nurse seeking to solve problems in a caring manner and for an emergency care.
  14. Seeking an entry level nursing position that will utilize proven abilities and as a way to teach and implement the latest in nursing practices and methods.
  15. Seeking a position with an opportunity for professional challenges in order to work and grow in the field of nursing.
  16. To build a long-term career in an entry level nursing position with opportunities for career growth at a medical facility.
  17. To gain employment with a hospital or medical hospital which offers a consistently positive medical working environment in order to learn and implement new technologies for the patients.

17 resume objective examples for nursing students

  1. To obtain an entry-level position as a staff nurse at a full-service hospital.
  2. Hope to secure a nursing position as a charge nurse with a medical facility which offers opportunities for advancement into the senior management or administrative roles.
  3. Seeking a position in a hospital as a nursing student and have the ability to gain valuable knowledge while attending nursing school full-time.
  4. Nursing student ready for working as a nursing assistant to a Registered Nurse in order to gain more knowledge in the medical field.
  5. Nursing student has the drive and knowledge to continue his/her career in the nursing field seeks to work as a nurse in a practitioner’s hospital.
  6. Nursing student seeks to work as an assistant to a Registered Nurse in a medical facility.
  7. Obtain a position with a medical facility and as a nursing student have the ability to gain more knowledge and experience while maximizing my training and development as a professional nurse.
  8. Seeking a position that will benefit from my nursing student experience. Also, to build from my medical education and knowledge in order to gain positive interactions with other nurses, physicians, patients and their families.
  9. Nursing student seeks position where my skills and experience can be effectively utilized for increased nursing experience.
  10. Seeking a nursing position with patient care and patient problem solving; as a nursing student, plan to develop the skills needed to gain valuable medical practice while continuing my studies.
  11. Seeking a position in the medical field as a nursing student in a medical practice or hospital.
  12. As a nursing student, seeking to gain experience in the Intensive Care Unit at a medical hospital.
  13. To obtain a position as a nursing student which will utilize strong dedication to the children’s hospital and meet their needs.
  14. To obtain a position as a nursing student in which organizational skills and abilities will be utilized as an asset to a physician, surgeon, or private doctor
  15. Nursing student has the desire to work as an assistant to a Registered Nurse in order to gain valuable experience in a hospital.
  16. To obtain a nursing assistant position while being a nursing student and thereby gaining valuable knowledge and development for trauma care.
  17. Nursing student seeks to work with a doctor in order to gain hands-on experience with the medical industry.

Finally, with these resume objectives, nurse professional or nursing students will have the first part of their resume geared towards a certain goal. These objective examples for nurses are beneficial for the prospective nurse employee or nursing student whom is appealing to certain health care facilities in order to improve their chances of getting hired. Consequently, being vague to even very specific are all going to depend on the rest of your resume’s content.

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