MOU Template (Between Distributor and Dealers)

Memorandum of understanding template between distributor and dealers. This document is intended to provide a guideline to dealers for the sale of Tarpaulin Printing Machines.

The dealer recognizes and agrees that he either has personnel on staff or will have the proper training provided for one or more employees regarding all details of the tarpaulin printing machine. Furthermore, the dealer agrees to sell the machines at the price set by the distributors. If a company wishes to feature the machine in a short-term sales event and lower the price, that dealer will first secure permission from his distributor. The dealer is not to make any claims about the printing machine that have not been provided to him or approved by the dealer. The dealer shall accomplish all returns as requested by customers and report the reasons for the return and to report promptly any reoccurring complaints or problems stated by owners of the printing machine.

The dealer shall also maintain an adequate amount of expendable supplies as may be used by the machine. Dealers shall be trained and expected to be able to explain any questions from the customers. However, if a question does arise that is beyond your knowledge or experience, you shall put the customer in contact with the distributor. By agreeing to sell Tarpaulin Printing Machines, the dealer accepts all terms listed in this agreement.


MOU Template,

Memorandum of understanding sample template between distributor and dealers

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