MOU Sample Format for Organizing New Consortium

The attached memorandum of understanding may seem vague in some places because it is not known if the consortium will be a group of experts working a solution to a project; a group seeking to raise money for a project; a group seeking to stop some development of an area for environmental reasons and other similar reasons.

The ultimate goal of the group will determine if it needs to be registered as an organization with Secretary of State or similar office in their state and/or at the federal level, depending on whether the effort will involve lobbying members of the Congress or Senate/ or be limited to the legislature of the particular state.

If the organization is going to receive funds either from contribution or dues, it will need to obtain a federal tax id number. If it is not going to be lobbying, but using the money to fund research by a university or other, it can be classified as a non-profit tax-exempt organization. If the organization does not have a public face and is involved in seeking donations and making donations to political candidates, then it will have to be registered as a for-profit organization and make reports in accordance with both federal and state lobbying laws.

However, if the group is composed of a small number of individuals, who are working to resolve a problem, that will be presented to a governing body for consideration and will not be involved in any lobbying efforts, then those parts of the memorandum can be eliminated.

Without knowing the exact and full intent of the Consortium, it is not possible to write a precise memorandum of understanding. Therefore, there are areas where choices can be made or admitted.


Sample MOU Format,

MOU Sample Format for Organizing New Consortium