Memorandum Of Understanding For Safety

Memorandum of Understanding for safety is executed between the Employer for this job and the (contractor or contracting company) regarding equipment issued to the contractor’ workers to assure safety in performance of the tasks that will be assigned.

Specifically, the Contractor, will be authorized by the Employer (contracting company) to see that all employees are wearing appropriate safety shoes while on the job. The job is expected to last more than a year.

The company will issue vouchers, whereby the contractor’s employees can secure the shoes that meet the demands on the job and are the correct size for the person redeeming the voucher. A receipt will be filled out by the employee attesting that he has used the voucher in the method intended and agrees to furnish the appropriate representative of the Contractor with a copy of the receipt.

The company will pay the cost of the shoes for the employees of the contractors with the following stipulations.

The shows shall be worn each day the worker is at the job site, even if it is for a partial day.

The shoes shall be maintained, cleaned and kept in a manner that will assure the expected safety level.

The shoes are to be used at any other job site for any other employer.

The shoes are expected to last at least one year. After the one-year period, the shoes will be inspected for abuse or poor care and to determine if they can be used. The shows will be replaced as needed.

If the shoes show signs of abuse or neglect, or have been marked in any way, that will affect the quality of the shoe or damage the reputation of the Employer, the shoes shall be replaced at the employee’s expense within 10 days.

If an employee leaves the job before one year, he is expected to reimburse the company for the shoes, which he may, then take and use as he wishes. The employee is expected to give a notice of 10 working days before leaving. The cost of the shoes will be deducted from the last paycheck.

If the employee leaves before the 10 days, he must pay the cost of the shoes to the Company. If the employee does not follow these rules, the Contractor will be responsible for reimbursing the cost to the company. Furthermore, the employee will be banned from working for the Employer on any future job that the contractor or any other contractor may be utilized. The purpose of these rules is to be certain that the employees have the necessary safety equipment to avoid any harm or injury.

This agreement, upon discussion with the Contractor, may be expanded to include hard hats, reflective clothing or other items that may be needed to ensure safety at the job site.

Each employee will be given a copy of these rules and will be required to agree to the provisions and then sign and date the document. One copy will be retained by the Employer, and another copy will be given to the employee. The Contractor, will, as a result of being awarded this the contract, will have these provisions included within the master contract for the job and will agree to help enforced these requirements as necessary.

The Company has already entered into an agreement with a vendor that can provide the shoes in all the necessary sizes and will keep a record of each sale.

It is the desire of the company that the project be completed on time in a satisfactory manner, taking every step to avoid any injuries on the jobsite. The employer is seeking the cooperator of the Contractor, and his employees by ensuring that all safety rules are followed. Equipment is to be used for the purpose for which it was designed. Personal safety is enhanced through the use of proper safety shoes.

To clarify this agreement, the following terms are being defined. Employer: The company or individual seeking to have to project constructed in accordance with previously agreed-upon plans and specifications within a set period of time, with provisions for days when working is not safe, the job site cannot be reached or any other reasons beyond, the control of the Contractor.

Contractor: This is the company that will be building the projected in accordance with the plans previously agreed upon with the employer. The contractor will be responsible, for handling issues such as payroll, tax withholding, worker’s compensation insurance and other provisions as outlined in the agreement between the Employer and the Contractor.

Employees: These are the individuals who will be involved with the construction on the project or handling other duties as may be assigned by the contractor. The Employees will be working for the Contractor, and the Contractor will be working for the Employer. Thus, any complaints shall be handed through the contractor.

This agreement is hereby executed by the Employer and the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible and has agreed to provide a copy of this document to every person working on this project.

This document and the provisions within are hereby accepted and agreed to by the undersigned parties and have been witnessed and notarized by a public notary.

Signed and approved on this ________day of _______month and year.

Signature of Contractor Signature of Employer



Signature and/or notary statement and stamp of the Public Notary.


Memorandum Of Understanding For Safety,

Memorandum of Understanding for Safety

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