Meeting Minutes Template (Detailed Format)

There’s nothing more important during meetings than taking clear, detailed minutes with a meeting minutes template to organize and sort things out. Without the proper skills and supplies, your minutes will be sloppy, hard to understand, and unprofessional. This template is the most basic need you need for all of your business meetings. Created in Microsoft Word® with a simple, straightforward, and clean format, this template will let you maintain your meeting minutes tasks with perfection.

Beginning with a section for your meeting information, the template has several neat boxes for the meeting’s objective, type, date, time, and location. It also has spaces for the names of all officials and other present members. It continues on with an area to list the agenda items of the meetings. Here, you can write what was talked about, by whom, and how long they were given to do so. Following this, it then guides you to take notes of what decisions were made by the members. Under this is a fourth area for new actions proposed for the company, who is responsible for carrying them out, and the date they’re expected to be done.

A last box is added to the end of the templates for any other notes or information from the meeting that don’t fit into any of the other fields. At the very bottom is a section for the names of those who both submitted and approved the meetings minutes. With this meeting minutes template, you can expect to take clean, organized minutes during any occasion.


Meeting Minutes Template,

Meeting minutes template in descriptive format