Meeting Appointment Letter – 9+ Templates for Word, PDF Format

A meeting appointment letter is essential as it acts a medium of communication showing importance. It helps reach out to all concerned members so they punctually attend a meeting with a clear idea of what the meeting is about. In this, it has to be precise, formal, and professional.

In an effort to reduce the hassle as well as errors, using a meeting appointment letter template will come in handy. It is not only easier to use but it is also time saving with less errors.

Below are some sample meeting appointment letters and templates to help with your letter.

Meeting Appointment Confirmation Letter

Meeting Appointment Confirmation Letter 1

Meeting Appointment Reply Letter

Meeting Appointment Reply Letter 1

A letter requesting a meeting with a government official serves the purpose of scheduling meeting addressing government concerns. This does not apply to parastatals or NGOs. It is strictly government related.

Letter Requesting a Meeting with a Government Official

Letter Requesting a Meeting with a Government Official 1

A meeting appointment confirmation letter is a response to a business meeting appointment letter. It indicates that the receiver is glad to attend the meeting as indicated. This letter is sent to the sender to indicate agreement.

Business Meeting Appointment letter

Business Meeting Appointment letter 1

Sample Meeting Appointment Request Letter

Sample Meeting Appointment Request Letter 1

A request letter for meeting appointment with boss is specific to your boss. It will help to schedule for time as well as provide sufficient time for preparing for the meeting. The sample letter template is specific and straight to the point.

Request Letter for Meeting Appointment with Boss

Request Letter for Meeting Appointment with Boss

Advocacy Meeting Appointment Letter

Advocacy Meeting Appointment Letter 1

A sample meeting request letter to client is addresses to a company’s customer/client. It helps the company to schedule for meeting with its clients. It indicates the importance of the meeting.

Client Appointment Request Letter

Client Appointment Request Letter

Customer Meeting Request Letter

Customer Meeting Request Letter

A formal meeting request letter is not restrictive as it an address a majority of formal meetings. This will help to request for a meeting from several bodies and formal persons. Though it is simplified, it takes time for the receiver to capture the main purpose of the letter fast.

Formal Meeting Appointment Letter

Formal Meeting Appointment Letter 1


How to write a meeting appointment letter

Writing a meeting appointment letter requires formality, precision, as well as clarity. Avoid long letters but ensure that all vital information is included. This will include: venue of meeting, purpose for the meeting, the possible dates, possible duration for the meeting, as well as addresses for both parties.

Below is a simplified guide on how to write a meeting appointment letter.

  • Indicate involved party’s addresses – On the left-hand side, start by writing the sender’s name, address, and zip code, followed by the current date and then complete the address section by indicating the receiver’s details (name, title, address).
  • Address the receiver – This is normally very brief. “Dear (name of receiver)”
  • Main body – This is a summary of sender’s company and individual title, purpose of the meeting, as well as when and time the meeting is likely to take place.
  • Sign off – Sign off on the left-hand side with your signature. Below it, print the sender’s name and his/her title. you may also like to see employee appointment letters.


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