Meeting agenda (Community)

Everyone knows that any kind of meeting can quickly get out of hand if things are not organized correctly. When a meeting gets out of hand, things can become messed up writing minutes. Feelings can be hurt. Important topics can be left un-discussed. With the help of this meeting agenda template, you can ensure that your meeting stays on topic and organized.

This template gives a detailed listing of just what is going to take place – starting with a call to order and roll call. It also includes space for the date and time when the meeting is taking place.

The template then allows space for the chairperson’s report, treasurer’s report, old business, new business, and more – allowing extra space for individual topics that fall under each category.

You can keep your meeting organized and on topic – allowing everyone to stay happy – with the use of this professional and free meeting agenda template.

Meeting agenda template,

Community meeting agenda template with a basic ab table format

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