Meeting agenda (All day)

Are you hosting an all-day meeting or workshop? Are you looking for a way to keep the attendees in the know about what is going on and where they should be at any given time? If so, this meeting agenda template is just the thing that you need.

This template includes space at the top for the meeting title, date, and time. It then has space for listing just who the meeting was called by, anything that should be read by the attendees prior to attending, who the attendees are, and just what the attendees should be bringing to the meeting.

The template then has space to list each of the activities that will be taking place, what time they will be happening, who will be presenting them, and where they will be taking place. With the help of this meeting agenda template, everyone will know just what is going on at all times throughout the day.

Meeting agenda template with full day schedule,

Printable Meeting agenda template will all day schedule

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