Marriage Certificate Format – 7+ Blank Editable Formats

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It signifies the union of a couple. A marriage certificate works to show that the couple’s union has been done in accordance with the church laws as well as the laws of the state. A marriage certificate format contains important information about a couple i.e. names.

You may be required to produce a marriage certificate at certain instances and for reasons like changing names after marriage, resolving disputes, opening banks accounts, getting health benefits among other reasons. As such, it is an important document. Preparing a marriage certificate from scratch is a hectic endeavor which requires skills as well as time. For these reasons, making use of a marriage certificate template to design your own marriage certificate is a better option.

Blank Marriage Certificate Format

This is a marriage certificate template that is designed in such a way that it contains spaces that the various people involved in the wedding can enter their details. These include; partners and marriage officiants as well as witnesses. It can also be edited so as to fully meet your requirements.

Marriage Certificate Format for Word

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Keepsake Marriage Certificate Format

This is a marriage certificate format that has visual modifications to make it more appealing. It has beautiful background themes with beautiful frame patterns.

Keepsake Marriage Certificate Template (Format 4)

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Marriage Certificate Format in English

For regions where English is the official language, legal documents including marriage certificates are prepared in English. A marriage certificate format in English works as a guide on how to design a marriage certificate in English.

Printable Marriage Certificate Template (Format 11)

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Wedding Certificate Format

This provides a sample format of how to do a marriage certificate. It is like a road map guiding you on the way in which you’re supposed to do your marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificate 19 MUL 1 450×450

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Wedding Certificate Format in Word

Marriage Certificate 09 BLK 1 450×450

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Printable Marriage Certificate Template

Blank Marriage Certificate

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Chocolate Border Marriage Certificate

Chocolate Border Marriage Certificate

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Hiring a marriage registrar to design your marriage certificate may be quite expensive. Getting templates from which to design your marriage certificate will offer a more affordable way of doing it. It also ensures you get designs that will appeal to you and still look beautiful for years to come.

The above marriage certificate templates are done in both Word and PDF formats. They are easy to personalize in order to meet your requirements.

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