Letterhead Template (For Small Business)

The letterhead is a powerful representation of the business. Even a small business operation requires letterhead. A professional quality letterhead raises the status of the small business. Thus, giving the small business owner a very professional image that improves their status in the business community and with customers is very important.

This is a very simple and professionally crafted letterhead template that is a powerful communication and marketing tool.

About this Letterhead Template

This uniquely crafted business letterhead template has a bold white background with a sweeping blue and yellow design on the bottom. At the top of the letterhead template is a field to enter the name of the company in enlarged bold letters. Below the name field is an area for a company slogan. Of course, it is easy to change the font size and color to make it more specific to the company. On the opposite of the name field is an area to add the address, city, state, and zip code. Directly below that field is an important area to add the company website address or URL. There is also space on the line to add an email address along with a fax number. Next, is the body of the letter. Space is provided to add text. There is a closing remark and a space to provide a company signature.


Small Business Letterhead Template,

Small Business Letterhead Template


Using the Letterhead Template Effectively

Use your own creative talents to design a stunning letter head that adversities the company. For example, add company pictures or a company logo to the template.

Did you know that you could change the font and color? Change the font size and type or change the color of the font to reflect the company logo.

This is an important step. Print out a test copy of the template before you send out letters to business people or customers. Make sure that you are satisfied with the look and design.

Print your letterhead out on high quality paper to really give your letterhead a professional quality look and feel.