Letter of Recommendation for Primary School Student – Sample Letter

The main objective of this letter is to help the students that excel their academics. Mostly, the primary school students, so that they can be offered special programs. These special programs are designed in offering challenging opportunities in education. The middle school students may benefit from such programs. The teacher in the letter requests for the student to be admitted into special programs. The teacher has to quote the character of the student and academic performance in the class. The teacher further indicates that the student is able to construct sentences, and do not miss classes. With the help of sample letter of recommendation for primary school student as a guide, it will make things easier, simpler, and clearer.


Sample of recommendation Letter for Primary School Student

The principal,

XYZ School,

#5 Highway Avenues,

London, CG37


Ref: recommendation for [John Daniel]

Dear Madam,

I am so glad to write this letter for my best and extraordinary student John Daniel, who is also an applicant for XYZ scholarship. Having John in sports classes has been a great pleasure. We have bounded a lot in Table Tennis.

John is very active in extracurricular activities. He is kind and very generous. He participates a lot in volunteering activities. He has chaired school environment task force. He has been the school captain in Table Tennis. I am faculty sponsor. John aspires to be a news reporter if not a scriptwriter. I know he will be successful and make our school proud.

John will be of great value in your institution. I highly recommend him. In case you need further information about him, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

[Lucy Ann]

John’s teacher

Recommendation letter for student from teacher

The teacher writes this letter referring for the student. The teacher gives information of his or her student and general behavior. It is very important to give the teacher adequate time to write this letter. As much as the teacher can be committed with teaching schedule, every teacher is proud doing this letter to good students who excel in their classes.

Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

You should give all necessary information to the teacher to be included in the letter of recommendation for primary school student. Do not forget to give the deadline when the letter is required. In the letter, it is very important to include the name of the person who will be reviewing the letter. When you finally have your letter, it is very important to keep it safe even for future reference.


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